A team who currently sit 3rd in L2 and could next season be a league above Crewe as long as they continue doing their thing, and well done to them! What I am going to write is in no way meant to offend accy in any way I love the underdog doing well, and that’s them. One of if not the lowest budgets in the football league and especially L2 yet they manage to bring in good player for their level (which don’t forget is now ours for next season) including Josh’wont score goals in the football league’ Windass one of the many player we have turned away when in reality we could really do with him next season. In John Coleman they have a fantastic man manager , a motivator and a man able to weave gold out of rags, they may not move players on for £1-3mil but soon neither will we Powell only went for what he did because he was part of a talented group with Westy, Murph, Toots backed up by battlers in Artell Bell and Phillips that got us up, if we had finished 12th Powell would of moved for a lot less no matter what rubbish the board spouts. I feel we will be short changed on Garrett, Ainley, Kirk and co as we dwell in league two, but Accy struggled with less money and no sales but they are still going after battling tough financial times! So the question is why can’t we battle as they have? And why don’t the players rally for Davis? 

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