It’s a little late for a group hug!

So with 5 games left, 6 wins in 40 & 1 win in the last 20 games, the dynamic due of Davis & Collins decided now is the time for a team meeting to get to the route of our dire situation!? Surely anyone with half a brain would of done this a long time ago when we were pulling ourselves out and started struggling again, or even before that? SD is a fighter remember back him in a corner and he will come out fighting … If that was true he’d of had them all in long ago and sorted this dross fest out. 

Then there is captain cuddles JC I have no issue with him but he doesn’t seem like the fear of God type more the ‘don’t worry you didn’t put the effort in you will still get a game next week!’ Type. He also said something interesting, modern players don’t talk don’t shout up etc if that’s the case how did (supposedly) Anthony Grant single handily cause all the issues he was rumoured to of caused? Impossible without speaking out and making others question the management simple whispers wouldn’t be enough? So you have to wonder if he really did cause the issues rumoured! 

In my humble opinion which of course can be as wrong as anyone’s, the young lads are afraid to speak out many have suddenly been let go or released and not all can be for the same reasons some yes weren’t good enough and some maybe over hyped but a lot of speakers in those gone. Steve Phillips was doing great coaching Ben, and working with Liverpool at the time I believe could of been after his Crewe spell, Dario refused to have him as a coach but SD must of wanted him for DG to block it, his excuse was we didn’t need a GK coach but then they spent all summer and most of last season trying to get one? The truth for me was Gradi didn’t like Phillips having ideas of his own and knowing his stuff.

The thing is all I seem to get from the club these days is incompetence, contradictory statements and if you look at it possible lies. We all deserve better! I said earlier I am sure the board and staff are doing whatever it is they are doing with the best intentions but history proves the best intentions can lead to dark places.


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